I’m Caitlin –  the thirty-something writer behind this blog, the Little Mama. I live in the Philadelphia area with my husband, Ryan, our two kids Abbie & Liam, and our crazy dog Molly (chocolate lab).

My family faces some unique challenges – Ryan has Usher’s Syndrome Type 2, which means he’s legally blind (he has tunnel vision) and moderately to severely deaf. Liam has multiple food allergies, and Abigail….well, we’re still figuring out why she’s isn’t growing. So as you can see, my days are almost always chaotic. But we get through each day together and that’s all that matters……no matter how messy or hectic those days may be!

To be honest, I’m just a mom trying to navigate this crazy thing called life….and documenting the journey!


The Little Mama began as nothing more than a simple online diary, that served as a place for me to document life with my little ones, Abbie + Liam, share some of our favorite recipes, DIY attempts, and all of the other messy motherhood moments. Over time though, it turned into a community that I never imagined that it would.

The Little Mama focuses on parenting, lifestyle, simple recipes, travel, wellness….and just about everything in between.

Stick around, and make yourself at home! I’m happy you’re here and I’m excited to get to know you!

Still have questions? Please feel free to e-mail me at hello@thelittlemama.com